How to Use Oven Thermometer Probe? (DIY Guide)

To cook food to perfection, it’s mandatory to control the temperature. And the best way to do it is using a thermometer. In the current market you can find mechanical and electronic thermometers. Among both types, electronic ones are the most accurate. On the other hand, mechanical thermometers are compact and cheaper.

Oven thermometers can withstand very high temperatures. So, you can leave them inside the oven during a long time without risk. If you give them an appropriate use, these devices can last a lifetime with you.

Using an oven thermometer is pretty easy. However, you need to know how to insert it into the food to obtain an accurate temperature reading. In this step-by-step guide you’ll learn all the secrets to use these devices like a pro.

What is Oven Thermometer Probe?

As said before, oven thermometers can be mechanical or electronic. Dial thermometers use a mechanical system that turns a needle around an axis. The operation is quite simple. A bimetallic coil behind the dial expands or contracts with changes in temperature.

The term “bimetallic” means that the coil is made up of you two bonded layers of different materials. Dial thermometers may take a few minutes to give an accurate reading. For that reason, it’s possible that you don’t get an immediate response from your thermometer.

This can be a serious problem when saving time is a priority. Therefore, these devices aren’t the best for chefs working in busy restaurants.

Electronic Oven Thermometer

On the other hand, electronic devices are much more accurate. In addition, they can provide an immediate temperature reading. Electronic thermometers don’t measure temperature changes directly. In fact, they measure the changes in the electrical resistance of the probe.

When metals get hotter, the resistance increases and vice versa. In this case, a small voltage is applied on the probe and the current variations are measured. Then, that data is interpreted in the form of temperature.

Electronic thermometers can measure very small temperature variations. So small that they would go unnoticed by a mechanical thermometer. Therefore, best chefs in the world prefer them.

How to Use Oven Thermometer Probe?

Certainly, using an oven thermometer probe is the easiest thing to do. However, before using it you need to know some important things. For example, the optimal cooking temperature of your food.

DIY Guide to Use Oven Thermometer Prove

Electronic thermometers are usually much more accurate than mechanical ones. However, they’re also a little bit more complex. To use one, here’s what you have to do:

  • First of all, insert the probe into the food. In the case of meat meat thermometer, the probe should penetrate the center of the meat cut.
  • After that, insert the probe plug in the corresponding socket inside the oven. Usually, this socket is located on the oven ceiling.
  • Then, set the oven to the desired cooking temperature.
  • After that, set the limit temperature the probe thermometer should read. The oven alarm will sound when the food reaches that temperature.
  • After that, set the cooking time. Then press the START button.
  • Finally, remove the food from the oven when the alarm begins to sound. In case you’re cooking meat, make a cut to check the color and consistency.

Final Talk

Without a doubt, thermometers are essential tools in any chef’s kitchen. Controlling the temperature is very important to obtain the right color, flavor and texture. In addition, modern thermometers are food safe. That means they don’t add toxic substances to your food.

More advanced thermometers can give you an immediate and accurate reading. This is highly appreciated by chefs with no time to waste. In a restaurant, the quality of the food isn’t the only priority. Serving customers in the shortest possible time is also important.

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