How to Use an Egg Slicer?

A step-by-step guide about how to use an egg slicer. It also includes valuable information about best egg slicers and their different uses.

Without a doubt, slicing an egg with a knife is a piece of cake. But, the work gets stressing when you need to slice a mountain of eggs in a short time. In that case, you need a tool to help you be more efficient. Something like a professional egg slicer.

Slicing an egg with an egg slicer will only take a few seconds. In addition, there’s no risk of cutting your hand like there would happen if you use a knife. Best of all, these kitchen gadgets are very cheap and you can find them for less than $10.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to use egg slicer like a pro. In addition, you’ll find valuable information about the operation and different uses of these gadgets.

What is Egg Slicer?

This is a kitchen tool used to evenly slice a hard-boiled egg. An egg slicer works the same way as a hinge. One of the hinge faces has an opening with steel wires spaced the same distance. When these wires pass through the egg, you get perfect slices of the same thickness.

Interestingly, the tool was invented by Willy Abel. This German inventor also created the bread cutter. The first egg slicers in history began to be sold in Berlin. Then, they became popular in Europe and the rest of the world.

Egg slicers can also be used to cut fruits and sausages. These gadgets are commonly used to decorate appetizer plates for different celebrations. Chefs also use them to reduce preparation time for some complex dishes.

Different Uses You Can Give To An Egg Slicer

Without a doubt, these tools are quite versatile. With them, you can prepare a wide variety of dishes in a few minutes. If you already have one, here’s a list with seven different uses you can give your device:

Slice A Butter Bar

With an egg slicer, you can get the same size portions from a single butter bar. This idea may be very useful for those working on a restaurant.

Cut Olives & Mushrooms To Make A Pizza

Some people don’t have the precision of a chef to fillet olives and mushrooms using a knife. This tool can help you with that.

Prepare Salads In A Few Minutes

If you don’t like big chunks of fruit in your salad, you can first cut the fruit in bars. Then use the slicer to get uniform fruit cubes in seconds.

Decorate Your Drinks

You can use your slicer to cut small portions of apples, pears and cherries to decorate your favorite cocktails.

Step by Step Egg Slicer Uses

Certainly, using an egg slicer is the easiest thing to do. But before getting started, make sure the egg has the right consistency. If the yolk is still runny, you’ll make a real disaster. Here’s a step-by-step procedure on how to slice an egg to perfection.

  • First of all, place the egg slicer on a flat surface.
  • Then, open the lid with the cutting wires.
  • After that, place the egg in the egg-shaped seat on the base of the slicer.
  • Finally, close the lid of the slicer so the cutting wires pass through the egg.
  • Then, remove the egg slices and add them to your preparations.


Without a doubt, there are a lot of different uses you can give to your egg slicer. You can slice fruits to decorate desserts or prepare salads. You can reduce a butter bar to small pieces. In conclusion, your imagination is the limit.

If you’re looking for something durable and sturdy, stay away from plastic slicers. Those made of stainless steel are the best of all. They’re perfect for heavy duties and can resist high impacts. In addition, you can replace the steel wires if they accidentally break.

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