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Because cutting all the different ingredients into smaller or thinner pieces is an essential procedure in the preparation of any dish. Many people believe that having the best knife on the market is enough to get the best results. But they’re wrong.

There’s no point in investing more than $1000 in cutlery having an inappropriate cutting surface. If the cutting board is too abrasive, it will end up dulling all your knives over time.

In this buying guide, you’ll learn some tips so you can differentiate a good cutting surface from a literal “paring knife destroyer”. In addition, you’ll find a top 10 list with the best natural and synthetic cutting boards on the current market.

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Benefits & Common Features

Certainly, having a good cutting board at home will help extend the useful life of your knives. In addition, the best cutting boards keep your countertops clean and simplify the cleaning process. After each use, it’s only necessary to rinse with water and mild detergent to remove any pathogen or food residue.

On the current market, you can find a wide variety of cutting boards. However, most of them share the same basic features. Here’s a list with some of these features:

  • Easy to wash.
  • Light, compact, and easy to store.
  • Resistant to abrasion and high temperatures.
  • Prevent pathogen proliferation.
  • Don’t generate bad odors.
  • Have deep grooves to catch food juices (juice groove).
  • Can be used as appetizer platters.

Top 10 Best Cutting Board America’s Test Kitchen Reviews

Certainly, cutting boards are very common in the current market. You can find them made of wood or plastic, with anti-slip borders or any other improvement you can imagine. The prices are also quite diverse. You can find the cheapest ones made of plastic and the most expensive ones made of marble, granite, and other natural stones.

However, if you’re looking for a good cutting board at an affordable price, you should consider any of the options in this top 10 list.

1. Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board – Best Chopping Board for Meat

This cutting board is 100% made of organic bamboo. This material is highly resistant to abrasion and scratches. In addition, it doesn’t wear down your knives. Its perimeter groove prevents meat juices from spilling over and falling onto the work surface.


  • 100% Organic bamboo
  • Doesn’t wear out your knives
  • Scratch resistant
  • 3-in-1 Pack
  • With side handles and perimeter groove

Certainly, this cutting board is safer than those made of plastic and other synthetic materials. In addition, it’s friendly with your cutting tools and can’t be scratched so easily. In conclusion, a cutting table that will last decades with you.

2. HHXRISE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

This cutting board has a larger work surface so you can cut more things comfortably and without the mess. It also has separate compartments where you can put other ingredients or already cut foods.


  • 100% Organic bamboo
  • Size: 12X8.4 inches
  • Two separate compartments
  • With handles and perimeter grooves
  • Doesn’t wear out the blades of cutting tools

If most cutting boards on the market are too small and uncomfortable for you, you certainly need this. This cutting board is versatile and you can use it to cut multiple foods at the same time. In addition, it’s easy to wash and doesn’t generate bad odors.

3. Joseph Joseph Index Cutting Board Set

This useful set includes four different cutting boards for cutting fruits and vegetables, raw meat, raw fish and hot food. Also, each plastic board is dishwasher safe and resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals. In addition, the material doesn’t dull your knives.


  • Size: 12X8 inches
  • Four color-coded cutting boards
  • Storage case included
  • Easy to wash
  • Knife-friendly cutting surface

This product assigns a different cutting board to each different type of food. This is great because the different flavors and smells of food aren’t mixed together during the cutting process. In addition, the boards are quite durable and resist high impacts without breaking.

4. Sonder Los Angeles Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Above all, this cutting board is incredibly durable. It’s made of Acacia wood, which is extremely resistant to abrasion. Therefore, your cutting tools won’t scratch the surface so easily. The board is reversible so you can also use it as a snacks platter.


  • 100% Acacia wood
  • Size: 16X12 inches
  • Reversible design
  • Deep perimeter groove
  • 1-Year warranty

Certainly, this cutting board is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users. If you’re a professional chef or cooking enthusiast, you’ll definitely love this product. In addition, its material is stiff but completely safe for your knives.

5. Totally Bamboo Alabama State Cutting Board

This cutting board has functional and decorative purposes. It has the shape of Alabama State and you can hang it on a wall as a beautiful ornament. It’s also reversible, so you can use it as a cutting surface or serving platter.


  • 100% Organic bamboo
  • Size: 15.75X 10.63 inches
  • Laser-engraved artwork
  • Reversible design
  • Knife-friendly surface

If you love living in Alabama, this is certainly the best gift for you. This cutting board is eye-catching and incredibly functional. It’s also knife-friendly and its surface is scratch-resistant. However, its decorative patterns are also delicate, so it’s better to wash them by hand.

6. Thirteen Chefs Plastic Cutting Board

This commercial-grade cutting board is incredibly resistant to abrasion and high temperatures. It’s made of high-density polypropylene, which is food-safe and NSF certified. In addition, it’s dishwasher safe and doesn’t produce bad odors.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size: 18X12 inches
  • NSF certified
  • Resistant to high heat and abrasion
  • Solid black color

If you’re looking for something durable at an affordable price, you should try this. Thirteen Chefs cutting board it’s made to last forever and costs much less than a wooden cutting board. In addition, it’s easy to wash and resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals.

7. Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board

This cutting board has a large surface so you can cut comfortably without making a mess. In addition, it’s 100% made of organic bamboo and doesn’t add toxic substances to your food. It’s also incredibly durable and resistant to high impacts and abrasion.


  • 100% Organic bamboo
  • Size: 18X12 inches
  • Doesn’t wear out your knives
  • Scratch resistant
  • With side handles and perimeter grooves

If synthetic cutting boards always leave small plastic particles in your food, you should try this. It’s safe for your food because it’s made of organic bamboo. In addition, it’s quite durable and easy to wash. Best of all, it has a larger surface where you can cut more things at the same time.

8. Homwe Kitchen Cutting Board (3-Pack)

These plastic cutting boards have a non-porous surface that prevents the build-up of food juices. In addition, their rubber-coated borders improve grip so the boards don’t move while you’re cutting. The plastic surface is also non-toxic and doesn’t add residue to your food.


  • Made of heavy-duty plastic
  • Non-porous surface
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Knife friendly
  • 3-in-1 Pack

If wooden cutting boards exceed by far your budget, this plastic board may be the best for you. It’s also durable and resistant to high heat and abrasion. In addition, its surface doesn’t accumulate food juices, preventing pathogen growth.

9. Gorilla Grip Original Oversized – Best Extra Large Cutting Board

These plastic cutting boards have a non-slip design that makes them more stable and easier to use. In addition, their deep perimeter groove catches all the juices. That way, the working surface always stays clean. In addition, its non-porous surface doesn’t absorb juices or generate bad odors.


  • Available in 16 different colors
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Strong rubber-coated handles
  • Non-porous surface
  • No oiling or additional maintenance required

If you’re looking for a practical cutting board that doesn’t require too much maintenance, this cutting board is for you. You don’t need to apply mineral oil as it happens with wooden boards. In addition, it’s dishwasher safe and knife-friendly.

10. Greener Chef Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

This cutting board is naturally resistant to pathogens and incredibly resistant to abrasion. It’s hard enough to resist scratching but gentle enough to take care of your knives and cutting tools. In addition, it has a reversible design so you can use it as a serving platter.


  • 100% Moso bamboo
  • Size: 18X12.5 inches
  • Deep perimeter groove
  • Reversible design
  • Non-toxic and microbe-resistant

Certainly, this cutting board helps keep your meal free from toxic pollutants and pathogens. In addition, it’s lightweight, easy to wash, and easy to store. Best of all, it doesn’t generate mold because Moso bamboo is naturally resistant to pathogens.

Buying Guide

As said before, it makes no sense to use the best knives on the worst cutting board. After just a few months, the blades of those knives couldn’t cut a piece of bread. Bad cutting boards oblige you to sharpen your knives over and over again, day after day. Over time, the blade will be reduced to a small piece of metal.

Investing a little more money in a good cutting blade is a smart strategy to save money in the future. That way, your knives will last longer and you won’t have to spend a dollar more on new knives.

In this buying guide, you’ll find the most desirable features that you should look for on a cutting board. That way, you’ll be better prepared to make a wise decision.

best cutting board americas test kitchen


Cutting boards are usually made of materials less resistant than steel. That way, there’s no risk of wearing down the blade each time you use your knife. In addition, the surface of the board should be as smooth as possible to prevent noise.

In the market, you can find cutting boards made of plastic, wood,, or natural stone. Each of these materials has its pros and cons. For example, plastic boards are incredibly smooth and reduce wear to a minimum. In addition, they’re the cheapest ones and the most popular among users.

However, plastic cutting boards also have a bad side. They’re incredibly fragile. For example, their surface can be scratched easily, may release plastic residues to food and can melt in contact with fire. Therefore, plastic boards have the shortest useful life compared to the rest.

Wood boards on the other hand are a bit more resistant, but also prone to scratches. They may release small particles on food, without any risk to health. Their porous surface also tends to accumulate liquids and food juices. These two may be the perfect breeding ground for pathogens. However, some types of wood, like bamboo, are naturally resistant to pathogens.

Natural stone boards are the best of all. Usually, their surface is treated with special products to seal their porous surface. In addition, this treatment also gives them a smooth finish that reduces friction between the knife and the surface. They’re considerably heavier and can easily break if they fall to the ground.


The durability of your cutting board will also depend on its thickness. Usually, the thickest boards are also the most durable, regardless of the material. However, choosing a thicker board will also increase its weight and price.

Cutting boards have an average thickness between 0.5-1 inch. In this case, choosing the thickest board at the lowest price you can find would be the best decision.


Before buying any cutting board, make sure it has a deep groove around its entire perimeter. Grooves help them catch all food juices, preventing them from escaping and staining your table or countertop. In this case, the rule is simple. The wider and deeper the groove, the better.

Additional Features

There are some features that add functional and aesthetic value to a cutting board. For example, perforated handles on each side make your cutting board much easier to carry. This feature also lets you use it as an appetizer platter for parties and other special moments.

Rubber-coated borders are also useful, improving grip and stability. That way, you can be sure your cutting board won’t slip while you’re cutting.


Below, you’ll find the answers to some common questions about cutting boards.

Q1. Can you cut on both sides of a cutting board?

Yes. In fact, it’s recommended to do this so that the cutting board surface wears evenly.

Q2. What is the most hygienic type of cutting board?

Plastic cutting boards are most hygienic due to their poreless surface. They don’t absorb food juices, so there’s a lower risk of pathogen proliferation.

Q3. How thick should be my wooden cutting board?

Too thin wooden boards may be too fragile and prone to breakages. In this case, a minimum thickness of 1 inch would eliminate that risk.

Q4. Can I put a cutting board in the oven?

No. Cutting boards aren’t designed to withstand the high temperatures of a kitchen oven. However, it’s possible to heat a wood board in the oven at temperatures below 150 Fº. Doing this will improve the penetration of mineral oil.

Q5. Why some restaurants don’t use wooden cutting boards?

As said before, pathogens may proliferate on wooden boards because they tend to absorb food juices. Restaurant owners prefer to use plastic boards to prevent pathogens from getting into food.

Q6. What type of recipes you can make with a cutting board?

There are lots of recipes you can make with a cutting board. Example: Brisket recipe, pizza recipe, tortilla recipe, quesadilla recipe, paella recipe, lasagna recipe, ribs recipe, quiche recipe, guacamole recipe, cheesesteak recipe, fajita recipe, hummus recipe, pesto recipe, gravy recipe, mushroom recipe, brownie recipe, mushroom pasta recipe, mushroom risotto recipe, chicken mushroom recipe, mushroom soup recipe, garlic bread recipe, etc.

Q7. How many types of cutting boards available on the market?

Well, there are many types of cutting boards in the current market. Som are epicurean wood cutting board, Epicurious cutting board, large epicurean cutting board, epicurean natural cutting board, cutting MDF board, wood soffit board, wood pallet board, 2×4 wood board, wood grain MDF board, teak cutting board, end grain board, stainless steel cutting board, home cook cutting board, baking sheet cutting board, grilling steak cutting board, pizza dough maker cutting board, vegetable cutting board, epicurean chopping board, edge grain board, cutting wooden board, etc.

“Making these with my kids was as much fun as eating them!”

– Lisa Fernandez
best cutting board

Final Verdict

Certainly, it’s important to have a good cutting surface when you’re using a good knife. Having the best cutting board will help you keep your knives sharp for longer. Also, it will help you save a lot of money in the future.

Before buying any cutting board, make sure to check important aspects like material, thickness, and design. Make sure to follow each of the tips on this guide if you don’t want to take risks.

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